Terms & Conditions

The following trading terms are applicable to Fothergill Island:

1. Booking procedure in respect of Fothergill Island 


1.1 All reservations made shall be subject to the cancellation policy provided for in terms of clause 2 once the Agent has asked Fothergill Island to confirm the booking.


1.2 The Agent shall be responsible for informing Fothergill Island of the confirmations, amendments, reductions or cancellations of suites in all reservations which have been made, in writing, by e-mail. The onus of proof of delivery of this written information will be on the Agent. 


1.3 Provisional bookings will be held as follows: 

  • 61 + days prior to arrival = 7 days
  • 60 – 31 days prior to arrival = 5 days
  • 30 days or less prior to arrival = 48 hours

Upon expiry of the period aforesaid the reservation will be released, unless Fothergill Island is otherwise notified by the Agent. 


1.4 In the event that Fothergill Island receives a reservation request, requiring space being held by the Agent on the conditions above, Fothergill Island’s policy is to request the Agent to either release the said space, or require a minimum of 20% deposit to be paid by the Agent to Fothergill Island within 7 days to secure the space. In the festive season (1 Dec to 31 Jan) the minimum deposit payment will be 50% of the value of the booking. If, in the meantime, Fothergill Island receives a 100% confirmed booking with payment for the said dates, the agent will have 72 hours to convert their provisional booking into a full confirmed booking with payment, failing which, the booking will be released and the deposit refunded.

2. Cancellation Policy

2.1 All changes or cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to Fothergill Island’s reservations department. 

2.2 On cancellation of a confirmed reservation, Fothergill Island shall be entitled to the payment of the following cancellation fees, which payment shall be made by the Agent as follows: 

  • Cancellation 61+ days prior to arrival cancellation without penalties. Refund of deposit 
  • Cancellation 60 and less days prior to arrival 100% of total payment 

2.3 The Agent shall be solely responsible for the payment to Fothergill Island of all amounts due in terms of clause 2.2, which payment shall be made by the Agent within 21 (twenty-one) days of the date of cancellation of the relevant booking. 

2.4 In case of any last-minute cancellation given the below due to COVID restrictions below, that do not allow guests to travel as desired, Fothergill Island will keep a credit of the amount paid for guests to use when they are able to travel. 

  • PCR test coming positive for the guest/s travelling.
  • Border closed not allowing travel out of the country or banned in Zimbabwe. 

Should an agent wish to transfer an existing booking to another agent, Fothergill Island must be notified in writing. 

3. Payment Policy


3.1 All STO rates quoted by Fothergill Rates are NETT and non-commissionable, and payment of invoices must be made nett of any financial transaction charges, unless otherwise stipulated by Fothergill Island. 


3.2 Subject to the provisions of clause 1.3, reservations held by Fothergill Island where no deposit has been paid or guarantee has been given will be cancelled by Fothergill Island on notice to the Agent. 


3.3 Unless prior arrangements have been made with Fothergill Island, the Agent will at all times be liable for final payment of bookings, which will be due as follows: 

Festive Season (1st December to 31st January) 

  • Within 7 days of confirmation (refundable on terms of cancellation)
    • = 50% of total reservation value
  • 60 days prior to arrival 
    • = 100% of total reservation value

1st February to 30th November

  • Within 7 days of confirmation (refundable on terms of cancellation) 
    • = 20% of total reservation value
  • 45 days prior to arrival 
    • = 100% of reservation value


3.4 The Agent shall be solely responsible for the payment to Fothergill Island of all amounts due in terms of bookings made in terms of clause 3.3, which payment shall be made within 7 (seven) days of the date of confirmation of the relevant booking. 


3.5 Should guests not be able to travel on their booking date due to unforeseen reasons, they will have the opportunity to rebook without any penalties in the same year of travel provided at least 30 (thirty) days notice prior to arrival date is provided. If the new travel date falls in a new year, new rates may be applied.


3.6 All confirmed reservations are subject to cancellation fees as per clause 2.


3.7 Credit card payments may in exceptional circumstances be accepted from the Agent / guest by Fothergill Island, subject to an additional transactional surcharge of 4% on the credit card payment.