Activities & Experiences

We are extremely proud to have Dave Christensen as our Guide Emeritus who heads up our activities, conservation and sustainability portfolio at Fothergill Island.


Dave’s passion, apart from the bush, wildlife and his family obviously, is that of leaving an imprinted legacy within his industry and more specifically by passing the torch onto the next generation of guides and safari industry staff through active involvement in the nurturing, teaching and development of skills to not only be world class safari industry personal but more importantly – to be exceptional people, desired and sought after by all sectors of the safari industry and completely committed to conservation and community development within our industry and more specifically Zimbabwe.


Dave has been actively involved in guide training and has been part of the Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association Examining Board since 1992

Game Drives

Our guides are always on hand to share their wealth of wildlife knowledge as you explore the area in modified open 4×4 vehicles, that include bucket seats, customisable seat configurations, padded roll bars, charging points for cameras and equipment and a cooling canvas covered roof for morning and afternoon game drives. The game viewing and photographic opportunities at Fothergill Island are awe-inspiring. On the plains one may find the roaming lions that prey on the vast herds of antelope, zebra and buffalo who live here all year round. Likewise, hippos and crocodiles are in abundance on the lake and whilst we have several local lion prides, resident leopards, serval and genet cats and smaller predators, we also have an often-seen pride of lion that appears to be mastering the art of catching crocodiles whilst they laze on the banks of the Lake!

Guided Walking Safaris

If you’re looking for a thrilling view-from-the-ground, this is your chance to discover a multitude of natural wonders in the company of your experienced safari guide. Tread in the tracks of the Matusadona wildlife, breathe in the scent of crushed wild grasses, and feel your senses come alive and observe and learn as your guide expertly interprets the signs and sounds of the bush.

Boating Safaris

The chance to explore open waters is a unique feature of a Matusadona National Park and Lake Kariba safari. Cover more ground and delve deeper into the landscape with a visit to the awe inspiring Sanyati Gorge, with a chance to spot an even greater range of wildlife. Embark on a sunset cruise for hypnotic views as you sip a sundowner and sample sumptuous light snacks or even a cheese board and a glass of chilled wine from our cellar.

Bird Watching

People head to Matusadona and Lake Kariba, purely to spot the region’s magnificent variety of birds. Over 240 species make for unrivalled viewing. Keep an eye out for the rare Pel’s fishing owl, Angolan Pitta and the majestic African fish eagle.


Lake Kariba’s gorges, bays, flooded forests and floodplains are rich with tilapia, while numerous species and subspecies of catfish can be found. The Tiger Fish, Africa’s finest freshwater fighting fish with supreme game fish status is a favourite snare and if you have never fished before, Lake Kariba is the ultimate place to start as it is truly a fisherman’s paradise.


We have a full spectrum of world class conventional and fly-fishing equipment on site that is accompanied by our superb guides who have represented Zimbabwe for freshwater angling globally and have a wealth of experience. 


The Fothergill Island Team is deeply committed to conservation and community and one of our primary objectives is to use sustainable sport fishing to create long-term meaningful and positive changes to the people, fauna and flora within the area.


Combining best practice fishing methods, strict fishery management practices, support of, aquatic and terrestrial anti-poaching efforts and long term partnerships with local and international conservation organisations, we ensure all guests visiting our camps are making a significant contribution to the long-term protection of these remote tracts of wilderness and the fisheries they support and therefore Fothergill Island promotes and practices catch and release fishing only.