About Us

Fothergill Island will re-open on the 1st of August 2021 after an extensive refurbishment program and aims to maintain the rich traditions and history of the island. The inspired design and refinement of the new tented structures embrace pastel colour tones that are a delicate spectrum of olive greens, lily pinks, turquoise blues and chic yellow hues that encompass two unique and intimate camps blending in and out of one another as one and are both gathered around large sitting, dining, library, bar and pool areas that are perfect for relaxation and subsequently melt into the surrounding natural environment, that is a mix of lake, mopani forest and the large floodplains of Matusadona National Park. The overall atmosphere of the camp is cool, light and airy, in keeping with the beauty of the environment and taking inspiration from the profusion of lilies populating our central eco-pond.

The wildlife and environment across the lake, flood plains and into the mountains of the Matusadona National Park are so diverse and boast enormous concentrations of plains game and predators, that land and water activities conducted by foot, on vehicles or boats can deliver an all round truly African safari experience.



Our inspiring design is a celebration of sustainability. 95% of the island’s extensive energy requirements come from solar energy and please feel free to request a tour of our enormous solar plant.

We truly believe that the world does not have the time for “average” and at Fothergill Island we promise a bespoke and unique luxury safari and fishing experience for all our guests, that includes strong environmental and philanthropic credentials as well as our custodial sense of protection and a clear understanding of the urgency and need to protect precious ecosystems and the life they support for future generations.

Matusadona Conservation Trust

African Parks, in partnership with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), signed a 20-year agreement to manage Matusadona National Park on November 1st, 2019. African Parks aims to revive Matusadona through a foundation of good governance, an effective law enforcement strategy to secure the park, community engagement initiatives, boosting tourism and restoring wildlife populations through reintroductions of indigenous wildlife. The shared vision with the government is to reposition Matusadona National Park as a leading safari tourism destination offering exceptional game viewing from both land and water, benefiting people and wildlife for generations to come.